Products: Turmeric
The Benefits of Turmeric
  1. Promotes bile production → Strengthens liver function/Activates liver detoxication
  2. Promotes saliva production → Reduces workload for digestive organs (stomach and intestines)
  3. Promotes gastric fluid production → Supports healthy stomach/Stimulates appetite
  4. Strengthens heart
  5. Prevents ulcer growth

How long does it take for the benefits of turmeric to take effect?

Although the benefits of taking turmeric are not something that will manifest overnight, its effects have been acknowledged and documented by researchers and medical professionals from across the board as well as individuals who have experienced it firsthand. We recommend turmeric intake for individuals who lack sufficient vitamins and minerals in their diet to help defend against adult diseases.

Instructions for taking turmeric powder

Take turmeric powder after meals three times a day (morning, noon and night). In general, the suggested intake turmeric and other bitter substances is exactly 10 grams. It is best to drink one teaspoon (approximately 3 grams) of powder dissolved in hot or cold water.

For persons suffering from liver disorders, increase this amount slightly. Conversely, for those who may be more sensitive this dosage, slightly decrease this dosage. Please also note that as turmeric powder is not a pharmaceutical product, individual results may vary.

Turmeric is a nutritious herb and an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a herb that (1) is nontoxic to the recipient,(2) produces a nonspecific response in the body, and (3) has a normalizing influence on physiological function. This means that there is no need to worry about side effects.

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