Spices and Herbs
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Cayenne pepper Lemongrass Makrut lime Ginger
This long and thin red pepper has piquant taste as well as flavor and is suitable for used in a powdered form. Its name is derived from Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana. This is a tropical herb native to India. Containing an aroma component called citral, its fragrance is similar to lemons. This is a Rutaceae spice native to Southeast Asia. Its leaf has a distinct shape as if two separate leaves have fused together. It also has a strong fragrance similar to lemon. A popular kitchen favorite, it was highly regarded by the peoples of ancient China and India. Since it is so easily transported across great distances, it has since spread throughout the world. It is also considered effective as an appetite stimulant.
Turmeric Cinnamon Cardamom Star anise
This is one of main ingredients of curry powder. Its Japanese name is ukon. It boasts a garish yellow color due to its curcumin and is a well-recognized symbol of curry. This is widely used as flavoring in drinks and desserts, as well as in assorted seasonings including curry powder and various sauces. This is another one of the main ingredients in curry powder. Due to its intensely aromatic fragrance, it is considered to be the Queen of Spices in Indian cuisine and is also widely used as a spice in other recipes. This is widely used for adding flavor to Chinese cuisines. Its shape, in the form of an eight-point star, makes a lasting impression. It features a piquant taste and distinct, sweet flavor.
White pepper Cloves Cilantro leaves Satsuma peel
While black pepper is made from unripened peppercorns, white pepper is made from the fully ripened berries. White pepper has a spicier flavor than its black counterpart. Cloves have a fragrance that is both strong and rich while possessing a slight but distinct acridity. This is also used for mouth fresheners and cosmetic products and it is said that dried oranges studded with cloves were once used as air fresheners for closets in olden times. This is native to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is one of main ingredients of curry powder. It goes with high-protein foods, including meats and eggs. Due to its sweet aroma, it is often served with cheeses. This is granulated, dried citrus peel. It has been included as one of the seven spices of shichimi since the days of old. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is a component in stomachache, cough and cold medicines as well as other remedies.
Mustard Basil Almond poudre Caraway
Containing numerous oils, this was used as a medicine in olden times. After pressing and drying methods were introduced in France during the 17th century, it subsequently became recognized as a condiment. Basil is native to India. It is a popular herb that adds a welcome touch to the dining table in the same vein as perilla, also known as Japanese basil, is used in Japanese cuisines. The fresh and dried leaves of the plant as well as the flowers are used. As the name suggests, this refers to powdered almonds. It is known to the Japanese as almond poudre, a native Japanese coinage that combined the word English almond with the French poudre. It is mainly used in making confectionery to provide a fuller accent, baked aroma and moist texture. This apiaceous herb has a mild taste, with a hint of astringent sweetness. It is used for fruit and vegetable dishes.
Red pepper Garlic Black pepper Green pepper
This is made by drying fully ripened green peppers. The capsaicin contained in these peppers possess a piquant flavor which can be reduced by removing the strings and seeds from inside. Garlic is considered effective in eliminating the strong smell of meat and fish as well as as an appetite stimulant. It is widely used in regional dishes around the world. This is a main ingredient of numerous seasonings and is used for meat, fish and vegetable dishes. This is an underripe pepper that is picked approximately three months after planting. It is rich in vitamin C and is also believed to improve digestion and encourage perspiration.
Fenugreek Laurel Cumin Allspice
This is native to Southeastern Europe and Western Asia and used mainly as a ingredient in curry powder. It has a rich history and has been discovered at ancient Egyptian gravesites. Fenugreek is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Laurel leaves are often seen woven into wreaths which are given to glorify victors at sports events and the like. Due to its refreshing, refined fragrance, it is an essential ingredient in the bouquet garni used in French cuisine. Native to Egypt, this spice releases a strong, clear and rich flavor. Its seeds have a slightly bitter taste. It also is an essential ingredient in curry powder. This is native to the West Indies. It is used for various recipes from meat dishes to seasonings to desserts in almost every country in the world. Its taste is similar to a mixture of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.
Slice chile Chile ring Sichuan pepper African chile
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